About Peter Clisdell Pty Limited


Clisdells Strata Management Peter Clisdell Pty Limited is a family run business that commenced operations in the St George - Sutherland area in 1950, specialising, at that time, in Real Estate Sales and Valuations. Over the years our business model has evolved into the specialist fields of Strata and Community Schemes Management together with a very active Valuations Department.



Strata and Community Schemes Management

Clisdells Strata Management Clisdells have a select strata and community schemes portfolio of over 1500 buildings located throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, extending as far as Jindabyne in the south and Lake Macquarie in the north. We are proud to acknowledge that three of the buildings which we manage appear in the Financial Review's recent top 10 list of "Sydney Apartments with the Highest Capital Gain Over Ten years. " Although we do have several large prestigious buildings in our portfolio, we recognise that the backbone of our business is in small to medium size strata schemes, many of which are in the St George and Sutherland area. This is reflected in the fact that eighty percent of our management staff is dedicated to this area.

The portfolio is managed by 17 full-time strata managers and supported by a further 45 support staff involved in clerical and accounting functions.

Our Aims

Clisdells is dedicated to providing a top level of service to its clients - at a very competitive price. We are committed to :

  • Administering strata and community schemes for the benefit of the proprietors;
  • Ensuring that the provisions of the Strata Schemes Management Act 1996, the Community Land Management Act 1989 and the Property Stock & Business Agents Act 1941 are complied with; and
  • Assisting our client Owners Corporations with problems and queries.

Our Expertise

  • Assisting Developers in setting up Strata Schemes and Community Developments from scratch by providing expert consultants who have had in excess of 20 years experience in this field.
  • Advising Developers in the setting up Strata & Non-Strata lots in the same development, which require a Strata Management Statement and Building Management Committee.
  • Providing qualified Strata Managers and support staff who can meet the expectations of our clients, irrespective of the size or the property.
  • Dealing professionally with our clients and knowing when to advise them to obtain independent expert advice, particularly in legal and building construction matters.